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"One of the stellar tracks on "Bottle Full of Blues," is titled "Wash My Blues Away." It's an emotional, soul-baring, gospel-informed slice of soulful blues." Dave Richards ~Erie Showcase Magazine.  

"f there's anything to be said about the nitty gritty sounds of Jeff Fetterman it is that he can actually play a guitar...with it's Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Eric Clapton influenced sounds, Jeff Fetterman's honesty and heart prevail through his music proving he's an ordinary man with a passion for rock and roll." 
~Byron Nash, Pittsburgh's Rock-n-roll reporter 

"Long Hard Road features bluesy harmonica, gritty vocals, and surprisingly soulful back up female vocals...The songwriting is perfunctory at times, they go where you expect. He puts a lot of Springsteen styled heart into charging tunes like Hellbound Train, Ride With the Wind,and sparkling Real Love... It's Honest stuff." 
~Dave Richards, Showcase Magazine, Erie PA.

"It’s a good album, which mainly sticks to the blues rock template, but
with the odd splash of funk and seventies rock thrown in there for good measure. He’s got an excellent voice which really comes to the fore on ‘Wash My Blues Away’, probably the album highlight, and his guitar playing is firmly in the white boy blues mode ala Walter Trout, Coco Montoya and Eric Clapton. He’s got good tunes up his sleeve getting the repeat play button hit regularly, so if you’re looking for a new blues rock fix, hit this bottle of blues."
~Stuart Hamilton Rocker Magazine UK

"Guitar slinger, singer and songwriter Jeff Fetterman has just released his third album, Bottle Full of Blues and as Sam Cooke said, "A change is gonna come".
The lyrics pour from his own life experiences, from a trip down south to make his own deal at The Crossroads, to the "Funky Candy" in his pocket. You can hear the Texas Blues and Southern Rock influences in the music, Fetterman's voice has a gravel road flavor that adds an edge that would be as welcome in a one horse town biker bar as on a festival stage.
Once you take a shot from Bottle Full of Blues, you'll be quick to order another round."
JD Nash American Blues Scene Magazine
"I'm honored to announce
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-Jeff Fetterman
"Jeff Fetterman is the real deal."
~Mato Nanji ~Indigenous